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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hyenas, Church & Tomorrows

Betty: said to you
I love the line in your bio:

Past associates who masqueraded as friends.


After waltzing around this thing called life I realized this pathetic truth. Of course, the world is full of wicked, self-serving hennas, but it's the nasty, sneaky weasels that do far more damage. You can usually find 'em sitting towards the front of church come Sunday. One would hope they are seeking an 'out' for their sins but who knows?

Today's example? How about the twelve year old kids who lured their 'friend' into a park for a fun little game of hide and seek. They got their 'friend' into a restroom to stab her. I heard one report claiming it was 19 times and another reporter claiming it was 22.  Just think. Tomorrow never knows but it's coming and it ain't gonna be pretty.

I suppose a good description of 'Paradise' is anywhere but here. Until then, be very careful out there. Live and Learn! 

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