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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Phantom Book Tour . . . Just the Writer and the Readers!

Lets recap. Hit Chicago on the 30. Slipped into Indiana and landed in South Bend. The Legends Club of all places. Ran out of books. Ordered more for the planned get together on the coast. Oh wait. I stood on the Fighting Irish Shamrock. That must have me pointed in the right direction.

Have pictures of you all and will post when the computer behaves. Memorable concerns I've encountered so far . . . "No Police Allowed" stickers plastered on a podium. Or how about the shirt today . . . "We Smoke the Good Stuff on Sundays". Will know what Cleveland has to offer before long. Will be at the Cabin on the Lake. Message me if you want to jump on board pleazzzz!

Drop me an email with thoughts or concerns. If you're in the Cleveland to New York to Maine area email me for an invite. I'm keeping my get togethers under 50. I can relate to my readers better that way. We can chase down any thoughts or concerns. Isn't it about time to be inspired for the good found in fairness?

It's always about the readers in the end. The message is in place. You need to be in the know. Barry Beach got screwed again. When will it ever stop? Changes can start today. Hang in there Barry, there has to be something that resembles fairness in this crazzzzy messed up situation called America.

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