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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The sordid tale of a cop turned murderer . . . Steven Zelich

Former Police Officer Zelich, is to be charged shortly with two homicides. He was into bondage and two women apparently ended up dead and in suitcases. Scary stuff here. How would you have liked to have been stopped by this gentleman on a lonely stretch of highway and handcuffed? I've been saying it all along . . . nobody is perfect, police officers are somebody, thus they ain't perfect. Now I suppose we have to acknowledge the fact some 'human jackals' slip through the system and end up running around with badges.

For those who have read JusThis and were wondering if it was 'plausible', check out Zelich. He allegedly committed his dastardly deeds from my neck of the woods. Gentlemen like Zelich never let me down. They are driven by deep desires delivering the answer as to whether my stories are 'plausible'. I shall keep writing, informing and learning as I lay in wait for the next dreadful headlines.

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