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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Steven Zelich (Off-duty Officer) picks up prostitute but Department did nothing wrong . . .

Zelich, an off-duty police officer picks up a girl and arranges for a $500 dollar private dance. He starts choking her out and attempts to handcuff her but she breaks free and blots out the door. She runs into two cops who arrest her for prostition. Zelich isn't arrested for solicitation not to mention assault. He quietly resignes and moves on to security work.

Now West Allis Chief of Police Padgett is claiming the cops did nothing wrong. Here's why he's dead wrong (pun intended).

  1. Officers are screened for mental issues upon hire. Did the screeners miss something here?
  2. If a gal is arrested for prostition shouldn't the 'john' be held accountable? Isn't having a woman choked off by a man (whether an officer or not) just plain wrong?
  3. Having the need to look perfect all the time isn't cutting it Chief Padgett. Cops are people, nobody is perfect, thus, well figure it out Chief.
  4. Did the lack of transparency contribute to these deaths?
A minister told me, people wouldn't read my story . . . JusThis . . . because they have to have full faith and trust in those they wanna believe are there to keep them safe. Well . . . who knows, perhaps ignorance is bliss but I don't buy it. The truth is a key componet of the safety game and the whole 'see no evil don't get choked out game' ain't working. But if it floats your boat . . . keep tellin' your daughters, to have full faith and confidence in authority figures.

Just plain wrong to have young ladies end up in a ditch in Geneva.

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