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Friday, August 8, 2014

Airports, Fans and Jesse Ventura

Hanging out in an airport and got to thinking how lucky I've been. Many thanks for all of you who I've been fortunate enough to cross paths with. From RAT in Maine to Dave in Fargo to Margo in Valentine . . . it's all been great.

It all was possible because of Brand of Justice. It's a story that resulted in my passion shared by Barry Scheck and his Innocence Project. Is the story true? Well, it's located in the fictional zone but who knows. . . perhaps it could be placed in the gonzo fictional zone. Patience please with your thoughts and concerns. I'll make attempts to address them as soon as time is on my side as Mick Jagger once sang.

In the Minneapolis International Airport.

Spotted by a fan who had many kind words about JusThis.

Governor Jesse Ventura hanging with yours truly in a prior life.

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