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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where is Andy Griffith when ya need him?

This just in. On the one hand you have Chuck Samuelson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union pointing out the following . . .  “We’re beginning to see that there are certain tactics that police use, certain equipment that police use, that treats a community more like an occupying force,” Samuelson said. He backs up this statement with facts and figures.

On the other hand you have Police Captain McKichan saying “It’s unfortunate in this day and age, but gun violence is pretty prevalent. We recover several guns per month.” Then in attempting to justify his stance he mentions that the police hope to repaint the Humvee and make it a little less militaristic-looking as soon as funding becomes available.

So what do you, my dear readers, think? Is the Captain implying that the police are running around in their armored vehicle recovering two weapons a month? Or perhaps he's admitting that the police are plenty nervous because of the perception of more guns in our society. I wonder if the media requested any proof regarding all the weapons being recovered. I discussed the problem Noam Chomsky first pointed out in my published story JusThis. Reporters just bobble head and report the way the police dish it up. Let me quote Noam . . . "Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media." Read that quote twice, it's important.

What about the mentioned paint job? Perhaps a fine coat of pink would do. Or, how about dressing it up to look like an ice cream truck, complete with music and that sort of thing. That way fleeing felons would end up tripping over kids who are dashing to the truck. How about giving out free ice cream for every weapon presented to the officers hiding behind the armor?

First round goes to the ACLU. The police state has landed in the middle of paranoid America and the cops are promising to paint military equipment so it isn't military looking anymore. I'm not buying it. Where has the notion of community based policing went? If you're wondering how the incident in the photo ended up it went like this. The suspect who was thought to be armed scooted before the militarized police showed up. He was taken into custody later in a more conventional manner. 

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