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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Reviewers Reaction to a Reviewers Reaction involving Brand of Justice

I agree with this reaction from a previously posted comment . . . regarding 'maybe'. In these times of Mike Brown, Militarized Police, Misconduct of Prosecutors, False Arrests and Wrongful Convictions do we have to struggle with this issue???

I absolutely love the plot line of this novel. With a really good edit, this novel would be terrific. However, because the word maybe is "may be" and the wrong form of "there" is used several times, I could not give it more stars.

What the fuck is this person smoking? I have read books with errrrors far worse than this and never gave it a thought. I have seen things like BGF which could mean just about anything and the book still got great reviews.

I think this person is just trying to get attention and hoping to get a sharp reply and then attack again defening their position.

I hope you iked all of the miss use of words my friend, cus I am laughing my ass off right now.

You Old Rodeo Clown

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