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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back in Minnesota-What's Next?

Good god it's chilly back in the Midwest or perhaps I'm not used to it. Here's the deal. Readers of this blog certainly must be getting the feeling that we are digging into issues long before they come to a head. What's next? What do we need to dig into? Email me if that's where your comfort zone is. You can also post directly to this blog and I will not know who in the hell ya are. Promise.

In the land where I hail out of it seems the alleged law violators are winning. First, several are shot at the Lansing Corners Eatery. The Sheriff is in the media collecting DNA but no arrests have ever occurred. Next, the militarized police move in on a house where they thought a car jacking suspect was hiding out. After a day long stand-off it was discovered the suspect had scooted. Then, the police attempt to stop a car but it drives off as the cop is walking up to the drivers side door. The squad speeds off to apprehended the naughty driver only to find it's been abandoned. But wait. A stocking cap was found in a yard. The Chief of Police puts his ignorance on public display by claiming the hat was going to be DNA tested to determine the identity of the suspect. Then finally, several individuals walked into a Convenience Store and struck employees with bats and robbed the place. The Chief jumps in front of cameras and uses words like perpetrator, female, male, suspects and more and more cop lingo. Oh, tons of yellow tape was strung around the store, but yet, nobody has been taken into custody.

On the positive side, the cops seem rather adapt at nailing traffic violations. I don't know. I suppose another positive would be the public, that is served and protected, has a short memory. Everyone seems focused on what's gonna happen as opposed to what has happened and just what could be done to improve things. Yeap . . . my friend Moose seemed to sum it up best. If ya wanna get away with crime move to . . .


  1. police got the guy killd his dad

  2. Yes . . . I'm assuming you are recalling the man who killed his father on 4th street and the neighbors called in the disturbance. The police spotted the man driving and gave chase. The man was ultimately killed in a roll-over. Many thanks Anonymous for posting!