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Friday, September 19, 2014

Great Job Policing in small town America.

Well, we've been discussing issues regarding the police. In little ol' Austin last winter the police addressed an issue regarding a possibly armed suspect by rolling out the military hardware. Troop Transport, helmets, soldier outfits. The whole militarized deal I've been harping on. The suspect got away. Well after a shooting the other day, neighbors gave the police a description of the suspect vehicle. Instead of a 'Police State Military Response' the police opted for a civilian police response i.e. 'Community Based Policing'. It worked. They arrested a suspect. Nice job. No stand off. No needless overtime or frightened neighborhoods.

I discussed investigative procedures a couple of posts ago. Apparently baseball bats were used in an assault. You may recall a couple weeks ago that I discussed a convenience store being robbed with bats. Is there something to this modus operandi fitting with the robbery? Lets hope the Chief knows what this word means and how to look into the matter.

I received this message from a reader and chuckled. This was an action detailed in Brand of Justice! I'm tellin' ya I was a cop too long to not have these experiences impact my stories! . . . Officers found Price getting into his silver jaguar in front of his home at the 800 block of Fifth Street Northeast, according to the complaint. Police saw a .357 caliber bullet sitting on top of insulation in an unfinished wall inside Price’s garage, where they later found several more bullets and a Ruger LCR .357 magnum revolver.

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