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Monday, September 15, 2014

So big guy, what do you think of Kenneth Green being found innocent?

Great question. Kenneth Green is involved in a shoot out with the police and is dumped in jail for 25 months facing something like 48 counts of this and that. He's offered plea deals and the media has a hay day with this case. Then in no time flat a jury finds Kenneth innocent. I suppose there are some out there who still maintain this could never happen to them. I wrote a book my friends, called Brand of Justice. Hell, I could have called it Kenneth's story.

The Citizens Side.

The Cops Side.

So what do I think? I believe the jury got this right. I believe the system owes Kenneth big time. The crack about pallbearers. Really? I believe the Chief Investigative Reporter at ABC 7 News, Chuck Goudie sounds like he's been sucking up to cops for too long. Remember Chuck, it happened to Kenneth . . . and it could happen to you!

Finally, isn't it high time we learn from our mistakes? Isn't it high time we strive for improvements? 

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