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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is it possible for us to learn a thing or two?

What side am I on anyways? I'm on the side of good law enforcement. The kind that learns from it's mistakes. Does not embellish. Who are of the mindset of 'serving and protecting' with skill and determination. Think about this once. Where would we be without without law&order?

Consider   Listen to the angst in the voice of the poster. This incident left me wondering. Oh . . . by the way, the officer was exonerated and given his job back with pay. How does this happen?

2nd Item for Consideration   This issue throws some light on what's been termed Prosecutor Misconduct on this blog. I mean really? Felony charges? It happens. Tinkey said it best in Brand of Justice.
“You see . . . I’m only here tonight cause I’m righting wrongs. That’s a notion new to you I expect. You a big time lawyer. If you were even half as good as you think you are we wouldn’t be here tonight. You see, you’re the lawyer. Oh excuse me, I mean pro-see-cute-her. So you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t do nothing but get innocent folks found guilty is all. So whaa-laa, heeeere’s” Tinkey screamed “JOHNNY” causing Toppan to scream and her dogs to bay loudly.

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