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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Owner of Americas Team . . . some kind of sex fiend?

Man, the NFL must be lookin' around with dismay. Yes sir, must be dismal behind the scenes. They must be looking at one another . . . like thinking . . . who's next? Must be startling to realize boat loads of cash can't keep you safe from technology. So we have wife beatings, child whippings, and Hernandez's murder trial set to begin in October. Owners, i.e Eddie Debartolo used to get jammed up over allegations of gambling. Now, all of a sudden, women are lining up and calling Jerry Jones out for perverse and shameful behavior. In days past Owners would've just denied it or threatened lawsuits. Now they're being forced to smell the roses of accountability. Ouch.

I suppose there are crazier things going on besides a Texas Oilman getting sexed up. You know, 'Knock Out' 'Beheadings' 'Ferguson' and-and-and. Hightime to figure out a response . . . you think? Owe, almost forgot, take the Skins tonight, they'll cover three and a half.


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