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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Angela Brown versus Prosecutor Misconduct (The Spirit of the Law be Damned)

Shame on us for allowing a Justice System to continue to deliver so much Injustice.

So a desperate mother takes the advice of a doctor and to her relief finds cannabis oil works well in addressing her sons brain injury. She tells teachers who wanted to know why her son was doing so well in school. So lets see here . . . teachers are mandated reporters. Cops are called and the Prosecutor decides to lower the boom and be tough on drugs. Two charges are filed. Angela is facing two years of hard time. 

Oh . . . one wonders if all is well now that an innocent mother is being tormented. It's getting harder to continue to be smug with the knowledge it could never happen to us. Let us not forget, the son, who is back to confronting so much pain and suffering. Shame on this Prosecutor for being so lame as to not being capable of differentiating between The Letter of the Law vs The Spirit of the Law.

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