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Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's a small world after all . . .

All work and no play doesn't get it done. After tearing around Denver I hit for the Prost Micro Brewery. I soon discovered the bartender, Sierrah, was from Winnebago, Minnesota. Small world, not only that, she knew Jenna, from back in the days of good old Austin.

Badgers play the Gophers today. If ya wondering Doug, take the Badges. Forget about the points. Longest running standing rivalry in SFS College Ball. Paul Bunyon's Axe ain't gonna be allowed on the post game field after last years brawl. Love this stuff. The Gophers ain't gonna be in the top 25 rankings after today. Badgers gnaw on Gophers after all.

The place is set up like a German Bavarian Garden. Only  German Brews. In the shadow of Mile High just off of I-29.

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