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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advice to keep Ya safe from the Nebraska State Patrol!

Okay. Here goes. So lets say your in Colorado. Recreational Marijuana is like legal in the Mile High State - right. Your trip ends but wait. You have some of the expensive stuff left over. What'd ya do? Well let me tell you what not to do. Do not leave the state with it, period. I was motoring eastbound on I-80 near the I-76 interchange and presto ran smack dab into Nebraska's finest, complete with a team of drug sniffing hounds. They had signs posted and appeared hellbent on gettin' it done. Them mutts were sniffing up a storm around all the cars driving into the checkpoint! Man,shivers ran up my spine thinking of folks getting hauled in for possible felony charges. Funny isn't it  .  .  . felony on one side of the border and fun and games on the other.

Talk to your ski loving kids. Get the message out before a badge is lumbering up to their car or 'vehicle' as the lawmen call 'em.

A gift idea here, the story 'Brand of Justice'. It can help your kids out. It can result in discussions about liberty and injustice, oh sorry, I meant justice for all.

Merry Xmas.

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