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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unidentified Austin Officer on Paid Administrative Leave

Now, Now! People from Austin follow this blog? Thanks for the questions. Anyways. Here's the deal. Now none of us know just what is going on or who is involved so lets just plug away in this fashion. You could substitute a sergeant or whatever. So here goes. The current Chief is horribly inexperienced with this kind of issue, so lets assume he flees to the City Attorney with fear in his eyes and loathing for having been dumped in this mess. He wants to know what to do. A horrible allegation has been raised regarding sexual misdeeds and lets assume the City will demand a demotion. What would I do if I was the Lieutenant? I would point towards disparate treatment. I would demand to be treated in a like and similar fashion, from the same community, who swept the sexual misconduct of its ex-Chief under the rug so swiftly. This past investigation is in fact on file or at least it better be! As the old saying goes . . . what is good for the goose is good for the gander. A precedent has been established. Oh by the way, Colorado is warm. I could get used to this place.

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