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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We'll Alrighty then . . .

Been to Long Island and now it's time for some sunny desert fun. Keep tossing thoughts and concerns my way. I promise to answer 'em to the best of my abilities. Let it be said we done learned together.

Oh, back in Minnesota there is a storm-ah-brewing. In the interest of justice the players have to be aware of just how they're going to play the game. Haste makes waste I suppose. And let us remember we are dealing with human beings here. I'd like to also mention we should look at the big-picture here. If the system can be improved then it is a win-win. Many thanks to the insight offered up by Dispatch. I too, am shocked.

One thing before I scream to infinity and beyond. Just because the media reports it don't make it so. You usually have youngsters fresh out of Mass Media classes who are spoon fed tidbits of info that have been . . . dealt with by spin doctors (Mayors and City Attorneys).

This was taken out of the book JusThis with the authors permission . . . 'Meanwhile, Normal’s mayor had taken full advantage of the national exposure, going on the various news media to tell the world that Charles Pullet had been the best police chief the town had ever known. The governor attended his funeral and the press had a field day, calling Charles Pullet a true American hero. Townspeople were shown on television crying at his loss and saying how much everyone loved him.'

But hey, the readers of JusThis knew all along that wasn't the case! Just want to alert you before they dish out the story in the media.

Be Safe Out There!  

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  1. Hey Curt nice meet up at DIA. Nice Speech. Keep us posted on the cover up. Psot when u end up at CSU. Go Rams.