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Thursday, December 18, 2014

What? John Crawford+Tamir Rice+Charles Eimers+Eric Garner not to mention the brutal treatment of Angela Brown.

Take a quick peek at the last couple of posts. Death and Mayhem in the Brutal State of America. Our 'Serve and Protect' System fully endorses no accountability thus realizing no benefits of true reform.

Indulge me while I play the Devils Advocate-Or-should I call it Police Officer Advocate?!?

John Crawford gunned down in a WalMart. (We thought he was armed. So we cornered him and gunned him down. Hey, we don't carry these weapons to look good ya know. He could have been dangerous to the public ya know. Better to act than react.)
Tamir Rice (He was reported to have a gun, so we didn't figure we needed cover. We just pulled up next to him and got to blow a twelve year old off the swing set while getting out of the squad. Hey, he was pointing a gun at people upsetting them. We didn't know it was a toy, so there! We got to shoot first and ask questions later. Hey, we're doing a tough job and want to go home at the end of our shift. We're heroes after all.)
Charles Eimers (Oh, by golly, he lost his temper when we pulled him over for reckless driving, then got in a high speed pursuit. He was speeding and endangering the public. Then the silly man jumped out of his car and had a heart attack. So senseless.) What about them darn video cameras? (Them people using them to tape us should be charged with Obstructing Justice! Dag-gone-it! I mean, we're involved in life and death situations and so what if he ended up with ten broken ribs. We tried to spar the family anguish by getting an illegal autopsy done. He probably broke them himself and bleed out the ears to make us look bad.Yeah, and guess what Mister? a Grand Jury found us innocent so we are free to brag about how 'he dropped like a f-ing bomb on his head.' Besides he was arrested back in the 90's ya know so that shows you he was a trouble maker.)
Angela Brown I've already ranted long enough. Let's hammer away on this issue tomorrow.

If you were wondering . . . I know I served this system as an officer . . . but dammit, I never pulled these stunts and am ashamed of the paranoid, brutal actions of a few that make 'em all suspect. You can't even get out of a car with your hands up any longer without wondering if you're going to be beaten to death.

For now, if ya get stopped, pray, pray really hard that someone is around you with a video camera. Best way I suppose to avoid the heavy handed approach to the national epidemic of police violence.

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