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Monday, January 5, 2015

Balmy Colorado

I could get used to this. Hovering just under freezing in Silverton and it's like way below freezing in Minnesota. Yeap. This weather is kind. The whole western range has been seized by orange fever. Every where ya look someone is donning a Manning Jersey. I'm not betting his ancient arm can cover the seven and a half. Here's how ya enjoy a Bronco's game on the free and easy. Pick up two tickets for 280. Drop 'em early for 375 and park yourself at a Buffalo Wild Wings in front of one of them 60 inch jobs. Works every time.

So why is it? that when a citizen gets nailed for Crim Sex particulars are immediately released to the media. Usually everything but the victims name. But . . . when a cop is accused of the same deal it's all hush-hush. Double standard here? or perhaps like the Minister told me, folks gotta believe in those who serve and protect 'em.

Lets discuss this Minnesota State Trooper tomorrow.

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