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Thursday, January 1, 2015

From Telluride to Austin Cover-ups.

Met up with a bunch of buddies of Hunter Thompson. Man, he lived the life. Willie was drank under the table by what he described as 'One Crazy Dude'. Anne shared some items regarding Hunter. Joe hails out of Durango and was Hunter's best friend. Many thanks for the stories.

Time to bomb the Pass at break neck speeds.

Phan resigns from the Austin PD; Officer, city come to terms after suspension

Published 10:51am Wednesday, December 31, 2014
The city of Austin has come to an agreement to accept Police Lt. Rene Phan’s resignation from the Austin Police Department a few weeks after Phan was put on leave pending an internal investigation.
Phan will receive his salary as well as the $400 health insurance copay given to Austin police over the next 12 weeks under terms of the agreement.
Phan was placed on leave on Nov. 25 after a complaint was made against him. City officials declined to comment on the agreement and give more details on the complaint.
In 2011, Phan was one of two officers suspended three days for neglecting duties and “using poor judgment in condoning conduct by another officer that rendered that employee unable to perform assigned duties,” as city Human Resources Director Tricia Wiechmann said at the time. (This is what the citizens referred to as the Garage Incident. I had to chuckle on this one after hearing about it from the McDonald's Crew. I mean it's pretty hard to perform duties with your pants around your ankles.)

Gotta hand it to the 'Cover-up Crew' back in Minnesota. Man that is one lucky fella. Now at least he can continue in his profession in another locale. Got a Chief, who wasn't so lucky, from the area, awaiting sentencing after being convicted for Criminal Sexual Conduct. The gal in that case went with Criminal Charges. Was not too long ago another Chief admitted to an affair and resigned and hit for Wisconsin.Can't believe the 'Cover-up Crew' pulled that one off. I mean, we were looking at a ton of extra-curricular activities on behalf of that Chief. Gotta say, 'The Cover-up Crew' has never let me down. Many thanks for pulling the wool over our eyes. If we really knew what was going on, we would have to hide the women and children.

Now you know why my books . . . JusThis & Brand of Justice . . . are fictional accounts of police behavior that read like non-fiction! And to think one book reviewer felt the stories were not plausible. Think again and be careful out there. 

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  1. How can Austin keep covering up? Is it because of the Mayor? You got a raw deal. Why let these guys get off?