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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goofiest Police Shooting never Heard

So I'm in Colorado chasing down the memory of Hunter Thompson. Interesting. Right? Anyways I get messaged about a shooting and I'm thinking ya-ya-ya. The gal is like . . . "This sounds like the Officer who stopped those kids in the pickup." (She was referring to a book I wrote - Brand of Justice.)

Did this really happen? I don't wanna touch it without some kind of proof. Well I get back to the Midwest and nose around a bit with questions and my trusty Canon. Oh . . . lordy . . . looks like it happened.

Bailbonds Men and an Officer (Lets keep names out of it) encounter two men in the backyard of a residence. They are looking for a gal. They ask if anyone is in there and point to a camper. "No, it's padlocked you can see." The Officer asks for permission to search it. So the officer crawls through a window while everyone else is standing outside. Suddenly a shot rings out. The hood of a Volkswagen is pierced by a round. One of the men dives to the ground and the other one hollers . . . "Are ya alright in there." The officer responds, "Yea, I'm fine."

More on this tomorrow.

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