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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Menacing with Authority

Doesn't it shift ya into a high-octane frenzy? They were talkin' "it could never happen". Nope, Rudes' stories are not believable. Now it's like, "Good God in heaven . . . how'd he know?" I've been screaming like a Banshee gone completely stark mad because you see, I've waltzed all over that thin blue line.

Now it's like this tidbit and that tidbit of info slips out. Is it true? Who knows! A young patrolman got a hold of me and said it's hush-hush . . . even around the station. But he heard the Lts' wife was snooping in his cellphone and encountered pictures. Yes . . . them kinda pictures. The kind that can cause an otherwise soft spoken gal to roar like a lioness. So she starts scrolling through 'em. Hell hath no fury like a women scorned. She scrolls and scrolls until, it's like, hey wait, I know this girl. She is married to . . . oh what's his name. That young cop. Anyways, she shows this buck-a-roo the picture and says."You know her------right? Suddenly we learn Hell hath no fury like a patrolman scorned. This officer marches into Chief Nincompoops office temporarily interrupting his morning read of the sports section. He loves them Packers and has to know if Arron Rodgers is injured. That would ruin his week. This officer howls like a a coyote gnawing his leg off to get outta a trap, "It's either the Lt or me! One of us is leaving this Department! This causes Chief Nincompoop to wonder what a real Chief would do. The kind that have training and stuff. He clears his throat and sprinted to the City Attorney's Office at speeds that would have made Jordy Nelson proud.

Here's the deal. If communities didn't constantly play around with Data Practices and didn't scurry like so many angry piss ants when 'Bad' or 'Horny' behavior manifests itself we wouldn't have this guessing game going on. I mean, citizens wanna know, they have rights, don't they? Get real, "City officials declined to comment on the agreement and give more details on the complaint." I mean . . . why?!? Like my GrandMamma used to say . . . "Oh Curt, Why ya being so quiet? Come now, out with it . . . WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?"

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