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Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Thoughts regarding your Thoughts

Something doesn't smell right. Get your shiznit together APD....you're here to protect and serve! (Law Enforcement serves a critical role today as seen with what happened in Paris. With that being said we need officers to be held accountable for their actions in the interest of bettering police work. Transparency equals trust and understanding. That is why I'm kinda wondering if something 'really bad' occurred. This thought was shared with me by a current officer. This officer had no idea what was going on. How's that for a cover-up? Oh and the taxpayer pays again. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. One wonders why the media does not call upon their contracted attorney regarding matters of Data Practices.)

City Leadership (or lack their of) is due for an overhaul. (I don't figure this is the issue at all. The System needs some work though.I was advised the first go round of problems involved Officer Kline backing her squad into Lt Phans' Garage after his wife scooted to work. Other 'Good Officers' turned her in by the way. Three days were dished out and apparently the Phan's and Kline's hit for the Caribbean together, couple of weeks after this. No morale problem there. Yesterday we went into what a younger officer had heard was going around the station currently. Apparently an officer had spotted his wife's photo on a cell phone and it upset him. Who knows if it's true because of the 'no comment' deal. I had bumped into a Council Member before heading out west. I asked if they are brought up to speed on particulars regarding police discipline but was told they just passed on the Mayors suggestion regarding a matter involving many thousands of dollars. They just follow the recommendations of the Mayor. Gosh, checks and balances strike me as being in order here. How can an uninformed Council make an informed decision?) 

Wonder what they could have possibly been doing while she was "unavailable" for calls. (Who knows? I don't figure it makes a difference though.)

Are you people kidding me????? There are so many officers in that department who put their heart into what they do and take PRIDE in what they do- not to mention put their LIVES on the line! You ignorant small-minded individuals are so quick to blame all of the department and not just the guilty 2 parties! The rest of the officers in that department deserve a lot of respect and should NOT be judged by the actions of 2 people who obviously are a disgrace to their families and co-workers. I 100% support our chief in making the right call for discipline and I %100 support the other officers. Grow up and complain about something else! Those officers might have to take a bullet for you someday and the ones I know wouldn't even hesitate!!! (Now-Now, lets not name call. It would seem like you 100% support the police who are hanging around waiting to take a bullet for you. Would you agree that we train our officers so they don't have to take a bullet for you? Hold our communities finest to high standards and have them learn from their mistakes? To be of the community and not above it? To be treated like others in all walks of life? As taxpayers do we not have certain rights to know how thousands of dollars are slipping out of the City Coffers?)

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