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Friday, January 23, 2015

Part #2 Goofiest Police Shooting never Heard About

So the cop doesn't find anyone (or as cops would say - Perps) in the camper. He crawls out of the camper and stands around with the Bondsmen. They are kinda just lookin' around but nobody brings up the shot or the fact that a Volkswagen hood was killed (joking). It doesn't seem like the polite thing to do. They just kinda kick around in the backyard hemming and hawing some. After a spell the cop and Bondsmen hit the road. The two men who had the bullet  whiz between them (missing them by inches) start to talking. Something like this . . . "What do you suppose that was all about?" "Christ a guy can get killed standing around here when Austin's finest show up." "Don't cops know how to use their guns?" "Didn't even get a I'm sorry!"

A little later a Investigator Cop (as it was explained to me) shows up. Really polite and that sort of thing. None of that "Just the facts" "I'll run ya in if you don't cooperate." Nope very polite. These two bewildered men kinda point to the bullet hole in the camper and the Volkwagon and talk some on where they were standing, that sort of thing. Then the Investigator Cop makes some really friendly chit chat and says . . . "Ahhh, will golly jeez . . . we don't probably have to say nothing about this do we guys? Do we fellas? I'm mean shucks." He shrugs his shoulders like he wants to be friends. He leaves. A wife of one of the men shows up and attempts to figure it out. I'll share her thougths in the next post.

I'll bring up your questions in future posts. We'll get through this and please be careful out there. Especially if ya live in Austin Minnesota, have a camper in your backyard, and a cop shows up. "Hands Up; Don't Shoot" doesn't appear to always work. 

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