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Friday, January 2, 2015

Police Officers are never Naughty . . .

People are whispering in the heartland. I have no idea if the Mayor orchestrated the Cover-up this time. This I know. If you do a boo-boo and resign quietly the City will cover for ya. Couple of years ago, Chief of Police Philipp was spending on-duty time growling like a Grizzly Bear on the phone. This somehow pleased his female listener who told him he growled better than her husband. They gave him something like $53,000 as his separation package. Now they have an officer who resigns and I suppose it'll cost around $18,000 for his bye-bye gift. When asked about this the city officials declined to comment or provide further details. Where is Woodward & Bernstein when ya need 'em?

Lets see here, at least we know why our taxes keep going up. It costs a lot of money to keep sexed up Police Officers from looking bad.   

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