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Monday, January 12, 2015

This was Shared by a Big-City Captain.

I can top this in spades.

I worked with a Lieutenant we called little Dickie. He was married with 4 kids and had a beautiful wife, but she had this fear of going outside her house and so for many years she never left the house, never talked to any one on the phone. Little Dickie was screwing the ears off of the Secretary in the Bureau at the same time the Captain was punching her too. It was kind of like One if by Land and Two if by Sea.

This was going on when I was first promoted to Lieutenant and Tammy heard some rumors from one of the wives that some Lieutenant was dipping his wick in the Foundation of Love and was all over my ass because she knew it was me as I had a great working relationship with Bonnie as I was the only one doing my job and running up large numbers of contacts and making her Captain look good.

Dickie then started doing one of his co-workers' wife who was a friend of Bonnie and Sue did not know she was not the first lady in Dickie's eye.

This love affair went on from 1971 until 1979 when I was a Captain and assigned back into the Bureau working for the same Captain who was now a Deputy Chief heading the Bureau. In 1981 the wheels came of the truck when another co-workers wife was found out with a Black dude was doing her and she was a Friend of Sue's. Gail divorces her Husband John and moves in with Sue who divorces her husband Roger and at this point Bonnie and Sue are both doing Little Dickie and Captain Wayne TOO. A lot of this was going on during office hours at the basement apartment of another co-workers house.

Confused? I was!?! Ya see, this kinda stuff goes on all the time.

Catchy writing style here. Agree?

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