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Friday, February 6, 2015

Green Bay Packer Letroy Guion should have read Brand of Justice!

I'm thinkin' Letroy felt a whole lot like Dub from Brand of Justice. You have an African American driving a 2015 Dodge Ram Charger. No racial profiling here because he's pulled over for having a tough time staying in his lane. Perhaps a squad following him didn't help. I suppose one could construe this as nitt-picky. How many traffic stops does this officer tally during a usual week like this?

Next the officer notes Letroy is acting strange. I can say, as a former cop, everyone behaves differently when their pulled over. Acting strange kinda seems subjective to me. Anyways, officers are human and human's are subjective. Next the odor of marijuana is detected. It has a strong odor and perhaps Letroy had smoked a joint.

Then a 'gigantic' amount of marijuana is found in a bag. I'm just not buying the term 'gigantic'. Three quarters of a pound of pot would not have garnered any attention what-so-ever if it was a run of the mill citizen who was arrested. Right? This term came from the media who immediately commenced with writing the story up. I explained how this happens all of the time in Brand of Justice.

Then an unloaded, cased, registered handgun is found in a bag with the pot. Ouch. The pot and the gun are both felonies. Really-felonies! You notice how the County Attorney gets rolling with the charges? It's called over-charging so plea bargains can be arranged.

Then I guess he had around $190 thousand on him. He plays in the NFL. This will be explained. Mark my words. His aggressive conduct did not result in any charges, so, I'm not going there.

What do I think? The Criminal Justice System and the Media feed off of each other. It's a game. Then the Lawyers and Courts get rolling. It all comes down to this . . . The Spirit of The Law was defeated by The Rule of Law. This will not amount in any incarceration, or at least, very little. This is the town where Sparky the Electric Chair was. They did away with that thing finally. Isn't it time citizens take a peek at their laws governing marijuana?

Tomorrow we'll discuss a Police Chief who should've read JusThis, Another story I penned. I was in law enforcement from 1979-2010 and figured it was 'hightime' (no pun intended) these stories were shared.

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