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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I was picked up today by Books Fresh. I wrote Brand of Justice before: Ferguson, Eric Garner, and well you get the idea. I firmly believe this stuff can happen to you, and your family. I veteran law enforcement officer read Brand of Justice and said you nailed it. That is the way we are, but, do you think the public needs to know? Yes, police and those policed must understand one another.

Brand of Justice

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This tale lurks in a place between right and wrong; where youth and innocence clash with police and authority. After cops nail the wrong guy, they start dyin' 'accidentally', but no one is the wiser for it, except for one young man. He must prevail in an epic struggle to save innocence from the death penalty. All bets are off.This story is told as only a highly decorated f...
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Title:Brand of Justice
Author:Curt Rude
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:211 pages


  1. Are you aware that ISIS is selling human body parts on the Black Market. Ever wonder why they never sell things like that on The White Market.

    Time to shut these guys down before they try again to kill the Pope.

  2. I had no idea there're into trafficking body parts. One shudders to think where and how they come up with the parts. Strange times we live in where ISIS can promote their 'Brand' and successfully recruit members from around the world. I agree, it is high-time the World Community does something.

  3. Isis refused to return the body of the AZ woman to her family for a proper burial. None of the other hostages that were murdered had their remains returned to their love ones.

    So who in the world has the money to purchase body part?

    Hint: My guess it is connected to Arab OIL money.

  4. ISIS is doing everything imaginable to raise cash including slaughtering elephants for ivory. This body part deal lends itself to you being incredibly ahead of the pack. I would suppose Arab OIL money could be the root of evil.