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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mick Jagger once sang "Just as every Cop is a Criminal . . . "

This was shared with me from a young (at heart) man in sunny Arizona. I live in the Albert Lea area and didn't catch this. Oh the times are a changing. Law Enforcement out there? Wanna share thoughts or concerns? I wrote JusThis and Brand of Justice long before this stuff got motoring. Just sayin' Regarding that last sentence, nope, I'd wager it's going on down there also.

Updated: 02/13/2015 4:00 PM
Created: 02/13/2015 3:26 PM KAALtv.com
(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave over allegations of misconduct.
Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag says Deputy Arnold Zuniga was put on leave following an investigation of alleged policy violation.
Sheriff Freitag says the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office is investigating to avoid a conflict of interest.  Details of the allegations have not been made public.
Sheriff Freitag says any further information would need to come through Freeborn County Administrator John Kluever.
The Albert Lea Tribune reports there is also a criminal investigation surrounding Deputy Zuniga, citing Kluever. ABC 6 News reached out to Kluever, but we're told he's out of the office until Tuesday.
“Since being in office I want to have a professional agency that the county can trust. I want to make sure we take the necessary steps to have a thorough investigation," says Sheriff Freitag.
Fillmore County Sheriff Thomas Kaase confirmed to ABC 6 his office is part of the investigation, but says it's too premature to comment on the specifics and whether or not it is a criminal matter.
Zuniga has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2007

I am sure glad I have Sheriff Joe on the job here. None of this shit going on down here.

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