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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Robert McDonald for President! He's following in: Richard Nixon's, Bill Clinton's & George Seniors' footsteps!

Man, I mean he is a natural. This lie just rolled off  him so spontaneously and effortlessly. I wonder if his wife trusts him? Those closest to something like this always kinda know. Remember what General Petraeus' vows meant to him?

No one ever asks the 'why' question. People just apologize and move forward to lie another day. I mean, if I was the President and we're hanging out in the Red Room or something, I'd say something like . . . "Jeez, what's up? You always wanted to be a big man in Special Forces but got stuck pushing a pencil around your whole life?"

And to think, some thought my books were mean to those waiting around for ISIS to paddle up and land on Lake Superior shores. Nope, a uniform can do strange things to the human animal. Trust is earned . . . Not worn.

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