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Sunday, March 15, 2015


A message was sent to me last week regarding an article where a fella is gushing over an Officer McCormack having 3 DUIL arrests twice on his shift. This guy gushes how McCormack is his hero. Who knows, perhaps the guy just went over board in front of a reporter or then again, he could have lost a loved one to a drunk driver.

I had the privileged of meeting Al Simon. He was injured in the Battle of Bastogne. He had a chunk of what he called an '88' (German Missile) in his leg. He fought in sub-zero weather until he was injured. I told him he was a walking breathing American Hero and he would just say things like 'Oh come on. You go out there and do your thing every day.'

He kept this picture next to his TV until the day he was called to Heaven. I guess we all have our own definitions of Hero's. Al was mine.

This would be Al's great grand daughter, Allison, in his VFW jacket, Then Fred his son, and your's truly. They wanted me to have the picture. Many thanks. Glad I was finally home.

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