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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LA Police Skid Row Shooting and Nothing learned from Rodney King

I know it's best to wait for the evidence to roll in or be presented. My concerns? 5 Cops can't address a situation involving one unarmed man laying on his back on the ground without killing him. Second concern, Police Chief Beck tossing out the Use of Force Continuum and seems to indicate grabbing for an officer's weapon is justification for the use of Deadly Force. Now we have the media reporting he was a bank robber, he had warrants and on and on. When's all this going to end? When is the black mans' blood going to stop flowing in the streets? Are these Cops proud of their actions? Do they consider their actions somehow masculine? Have they just added another story to their arsenal to banter about? So many questions but one thing is true, the citizens are getting restless. Damn that Social Media. Where is One Adam Twelve when you need them? They would've handled this differently.  

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