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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oh but we live in Troubling Times!

Book Spotlight: JusThis by Curt Rude

by Curt Rude


A man who enters the police profession for all the wrong reasons. As he is promoted; his feelings of entitlement increase. His frustration at not being in a position to satisfy his sexual desires began at a very young age. He was aggravated with his inability to act upon his cravings. As he serves and protects his increasingly stronger desires become more difficult to control. Initially, his chosen profession allows him access to what has always eluded him. Ultimately, his obsession results in a permanent consequence.

One way or another, various people find that they are snared into the Chief’s lurid lifestyle. In an effort to confront the unthinkable, they must face a broad range of human behaviors and emotions. The town of Normal will never be the same as characters grapple with issues of love, resentments, depression, jealousy, sexual assault, cybersex, bullying, unethical police conduct, corruption, suicide and death.


  1. When's it going to stop??? LA has a rogue cop on their hands what do you make of that???

    1. LA's finest is still on the run putting the theory of 'You can run, but you can't hide to the test I suppose. (Henry Solis is his name.)

  2. Is this a new cover for your book?

    1. The cover with the badge won out for publication. Which do you prefer?

  3. No, the one with the Badge won out. Which do you like the best? No stopping in sight by the way. LA's cop still on the run(Henry Solis) and now we have Debra Mikes story to leave us all stunned perhaps. My second book Brand of Justice could have been her story in so many ways. They always say truth is stranger than fiction.