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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beatriz Paez has rights . . . or does she? US Deputy Marshal doesn't Think So!

California is strengthening laws to insure the legality of folks to record their public servants serving and protecting them. I'm thinking the officers out there don't want to be recorded doing their best to keep us all safe and happy in the land of the brave. Well Ms Paez is certainly brave. Many thanks. Oh, for you folks who love every cop ever blessed with a badge, don't worry, this Marshal will say he thought it was a weapon and he'll be set free to disrespect other women. If a citizen did this it would be criminal as in Criminal Damage to Property. Funny how that works. If it wasn't for cameras and social media this would have never been addressed. How did the Civil Rights workers prevail?


  1. why isn't it criminal damage???? u are 1 live sob

  2. Well I am alive and it should be Criminal Damage period. Our cops must be of the law not above it.