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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Colorado's Chautauqua Park & Fearless Whitney with 'Fangs' the Rattlesnake!

Nestled under the Flat Irons is one cool place to: hike, learn, picnic and just plain enjoy the gardens. There is also an Event Center on site. It is basically one hell of a place to hangout. Whitney the rattlesnake tamer clings to the beast for this shameless plug of Brand of Justice. Hey . . . what can I say? You folks picked up a copy get the Rattlesnake reference. Oh, no one, not Whitney, me or the reptile were injured. I'm thinking I'm gonna hang out in Colorado for a good long time. I'll have to be dragged back to the snow kicking and screaming.

Gulliver's has copies of Brand of Justice now.

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Brand of JusticeWriting a Wrong, Making It Right! | Paperback
Curt Rude | Carolyn Sween | Joy Sillesen 
Curt Rude
Published Dec 1, 2013

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