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Thursday, April 23, 2015

COPBLOCK & Hail to The Truth!

Aida Guzman Okay, can't be said better than this. Lieutenant Josey punches a woman in the face; enough said? Assault is a crime; enough said? 'Oh the cop was just doing his job'. Next time your doing your job and a lady annoys you with silly-string punch her in the face and see what happens; enough said?

Beatriz Paez Okay, a US Deputy Marshal knocks a cell from a woman's hands; enough said? Nothing illegal about taping this; enough said? 'Oh, the cop was having a bad day'. Next time you're having a bad day damage some one else's property at work and see what happens; enough said?

Good-lord, I tell you, some of the emails I receive. I write two stories about this. I was a cop in a prior life but in the end, . . . it's about believing what your seeing. I don't need a weather man to tell me which way the wind is blowing. Some of you folks out there should stay tuned to the Weather Channel.   

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