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Monday, April 13, 2015

[Expletive] your breathe & Conflict of Interest anyone? Tulsa Police Shooting

Click if Ya haven't seen the Latest Shooting

So a big time supporter of the Tulsa PD accidentally shoots a man on the pavement. Hey, sad but true. I've said it over and over on this Blog, 'Police are people, Nobodies perfect . . . thus Police Officers make mistakes.' To me, this looks and feels like a mistake. Now lets switch gears. A deputy responds "[Expletive] your breathe." I'm not so sure this is the time or place for foul language. Secondly, Tulsa Police Sgt Jim Clark states shooting not a crime and did not violate Department Policy. I mean, this Reserve Officer is a big time donor to the PD and is on the Tulsa Department as a Reserve Officer. Really . . . Conflict of Interest anyone? Even if the officer made a mistake how can another officer on the same department make that determination? Is shooting someone accidentally with a firearm and not a taser allowed in the Policy and Procedure Manuel?

Nuts and getting Nuttier . . .


  1. never thought about the conflict of interest curt good poinnt

  2. They corrected it yesterday with a Manslaughter Charge. So I guess Sgt Jim Clark would be a better cop if he read this blog. As for the 'F Word' being tossed on a dyin' man? I suppose they could wash his mouth out with soap.