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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Officer Slager types aren't mentioned on CSI or Criminal Minds but they show up in Brand of Justice and JusThis!

Think about how jurors are educated, from watching TV or reading John Sanford or CJ Box books. Everyone is indoctrinated into the believe system that cops are the Marshal Dillion's of the world, the good guys who are laying in wait to take a bullet for us. We've been discussing attitudes, the System and how it protects those who protect us, media and The Court of Public Opinion. How cops feel they are above and not of those they serve and protect. This is like the forth shooting in the last couple of months. The cop shot the man 8 times and was thinking fast on his feet. He said the man had grabbed his taser so he quickly tossed it next to Walter Scott.

Then that thing we've been considering on this blog, that thing called technology bared it's fangs of reality. I learned something in all those years of wearing a badge. Lets hope the lesson here for law enforcement isn't to better hide their actions but to be better Cops!

Kinda makes you wonder about: Micheal Brown, Travon Martin, Eric Garner and good old Lt Josey punching the woman in the face. Yes sir, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely until technology starts delivering disturbing images that change our preconceived notions. Mine were changed a long time ago as evidenced in my stories. Be careful. They're out there.

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