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Monday, April 27, 2015

Officer Woman Beater/Liar

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A woman is savagely throttled by those who swore to serve and protect her. If you ain't running around with a badge this is felony assault based on substantial bodily injury; broken teeth and bones. Some of you always email me and say the cops are doing a difficult job . . . blah-blah-blah. If they can't do a difficult job without pulling this stunt get an easier job! The lyin' game started with the whole 'violently punching me so I guided her to the ground'. Tape shows you are a woman beater and a liar to boot. Why didn't the other cops do something? Is there something to the Code of Silence?

How they gonna cover this up? Big payout to woman and training and a couple of days off for Officer Woman Beater/Liar. I was a cop in a prior life and am stunned and seething. This is the kind of beating in my story Brand of Justice. Makes me wanna vomit.

If Officer Woman Beater/Liar should happen to read this . . . remember . . . we are not as impressed with you and your antics as you are. We know why you lied. To get out of a felony. How do you sleep? you Cretin.

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