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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some lingering thoughts on Walter Scott

This about sums it up for me as told to Yahoo News . . .

Curt 2 minutes ago
A civilized society must strive to treat all fairly and with the minimal amount of force necessary. Suggesting the Police can and should kill those who do not cooperate with them is unfair to both, the citizens and those sworn to serve and protect them. I can't fathom how some can rationalize that a man, who is not perfect, can be shot to death like this. Would the same standard apply to a 12 year old who has been convicted of shoplifting bubble gum?12 year olds can run faster than Walter Scott. No officer, who does not consider the use of force continuum, is merely doing his/her job. We have standards for our professional law enforcement community. It's what makes them professionals. This was a horrible incident plain and simple and should not of happened.

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