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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tell Me it Ain't so ol' Joe Arpaio

  • Check them stars out on the lapel. Did ya read his books and find a hero to keep ya safe from the boogieman? Is everyone of the law and not above it? If ol' Joe is guilty as charged will he lie to save his carcass? If he is found guilty is he like the rest of those criminals he loved to dump into Tent City and feed green bologna for breakfast, dinner and supper? Is he gonna wear pink boxers like the other criminals he dealt with? He's a professional and not a teenager caught with 420. But . . . not so fast . . . he could be guilty of a felony. Na, he has sense enough to claim the judges wife was Al Qaeda or something.
  • Like a wise old man once said . . . "When you start believing your own B.S. that's when you get in trouble. Them stars, national TV and books. Will I think you get it . . . don't you friends?

  • Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio uncharacteristically contrite in contempt hearing
    Los Angeles Times - 1 day ago
  • My Way News - Arizona sheriff's re-election chances called into question
    My Way - News - 2 days ago
  • The Atlantic - 1 day ago
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    1. Hey be righteous and post some of the good things one of my favorite author has done in his long law enforcement career.

      Make it my birthday present.

      Still Anonymous

    2. Do you mean me or Sheriff Arpaio?