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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Court of Public Opinion, Amanda Knox and Officer Slater's Defense Strategy

Police Misconduct + The System + Court of Public Opinion = The Injustice System.

We all seen the shooting. Then the cover-up attempt. We've considered these matters on this Blog long before Walter Scott was gunned down. Near as I can tell, the defense is gonna go like this . . .

Officer Slater feared Scott had something in his hand and thus he had to affect an arrest. He tossed the taser next to the cuffed body to keep an eye on it. Will a Grand Jury be called? Out of political necessity it has to. Will a jury, educated by watching countless episodes of NCIS and Criminal Minds buy it? I'm thinking it's a big-time possibility. So you 'Grand Pardoners of all Things Police', hang in there, he could get off.

The above matter relates to Misconduct and The System. Now this matter has reared its ugly head. The Court of Public Opinion usually based on media accounts. A panel of judges convened and considered the matter of Amanda Knox. The evidence was slip sod, Amanda was brutalized in the media and the Prosecutor should be prosecuted. Anyways . . . I get the following feedback. Call me Stunned and Seething for a reason. Anyways, way to go Amanda! You fought the Injustice System and prevailed.

  • Kirk Palmer ·  Top Commenter · St. Louis
    Are you kidding. She is as guilty as if she actually did it because she knows waaaay more than she tells.

  • Ellie Dubelu ·  Top Commenter · Green Bay, Wisconsin
    Gee Curt...even lawyers and lawmakers with a conscience can't clean up the Criminal Justice System. Nice to put that all on little Amanda's shoulders just because she beat the rap. Her and Casey Anthony should "pal" around with "OJ" and "Robert Blake"....their own little support group.

  • Karen O'Donnell ·  Top Commenter
    Such as?

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