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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Uber Cab Driver Threatened by NYPD / Teenagers threatened by Minneapolis Police

Fact: Detective Cherry says 'I don't know what planet f---ing planet your on right now", bangs the side of the car and you get the picture. Oh, he also said something about arresting him but the driver wasn't important enough. Here's the link A Detective at his best. (I hope not.)

A cop source says "It was determined that Cherry was just discourteous." Doesn't it feel kinda like Detective Cherry is committing Disorderly Conduct? (A Criminal Violation)

Fact: Minneapolis Officer Rod Webber tells teenagers on a traffic stop, "F--ck with me, I'll break your leg". An Officer at his best. (I hope not.)

The PD isn't commenting. Is the probable cause for this stop going to be discovered? What was the justification for the search? Why were the boys held for 45 minutes? Can threatening someone with a broken leg be considered an assault? (A Criminal Violation?) If ya love cops, don't worry about it. I pointed out how the system protects itself in JusThis. Webber will be warned and that'll be it. He'll also learn to look for cameras in the future before threatening kids.

The attitude on display by both these officers was detailed in Brand of Justice as follows . . .

“We can make this easy, or we can make this h-a-r-d. I have asked you a simple question and you’ll be so kind to as to start answering. Okay? Or don’t you speak Wyoming?” The officer had slowed his speaking down to a crawl and was lowering his voice with each word. He was putting on skin tight black leather gloves, the kind, without fingers.
Tinkeys’ thoughts on how to be nice had rendered him deaf for the moment. The sudden opening of his door woke him from his fear induced numbness. He was plenty scared all right, but even more, he was bound and determined to catch up to the situation.
           “Who is the RO of this vehicle? I need ID. Registration. Proof of Insurance. C’mon! Let’s go. Let’s not act as stupid as we could be. I don’t wanna repeat myself. Come on, you boys is dumber than a scoop shovel, I swear—let’s kick up some ID, on the double. Any weapons I need to know about in this vee-hick-all? Any bombs, drugs or alcohol? Have you been drinking, boys? Or are you both always deaf and dumb?”

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