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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Second Amendment & Death and Mayhem in America.

Seeing is believing . . . Countries without the Second Amendment's "Right of People to keep and bear Arms . . ." are much safer places for all concerned. Whether it's second graders in classrooms or two officer's laid to rest today in Hattiesburg, the price paid for an increasingly paranoid society to arm itself should be measured in ounces of blood spilled.

Oh, don't tell me the founding fathers had it right, all of the time . . . they denied women the right to vote and enslaved black Americans. Private enterprise must fund the NRA Cause and our Politicians. If there wasn't so much money to be had in funerals, medical expenses, media coverage, grief counseling, bullets & guns perhaps then we could stem the flow of blood in our Country. The land of the free, brave and so many dead is an embarrassment. Ingaborg, a lady in Wurzburg Germany asked why we allow gun nonsense. I said it's all about the Americans love affair with cold cash, no matter how many cold dead children we have to step over to hop in out new car.



  1. keep posting this shit and someone is going to put a bullet in you.

  2. If you up at my place unarmed and want my gun good luck.