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Friday, June 26, 2015

Strange Times

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is cooling his heels headed to death row. Since Adam Lanza killed 20 unarmed, helpless kids and staff in Sandy Hook . . . There have been 72 mass shootings in America, the land of the brave. Micheal Slager used his police powers to gun down an unarmed man. Now Dylann Roof wants to be somebody in the headlines and bravely (NOT) goes into a church and kills 9 to make it into the news big-time.

Currently there are screams for the Confederate Flag to come down. What about the mechanism of death? Oh wait . . . the founding fathers gave us the right to run around armed to the teeth. For a second there I thought it was about money, big money, purchasing the silence of our elected officials and pushing its agenda.

Gosh . . . are you proud to be an American where at least we are free to be killed anywhere at anytime?


  1. Where have you been and when are you coming back with another book???

  2. I guess you could say I've been Globtotting with folks who are camera shy.