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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reinstate Officer Kristen Bantle for Steamboat Springs

So get this . . . Officer Kristen Bantle is a well-thought of officer on the Steamboat Springs Police Dept. She has been charged with attempting to influence a public servant by Sheriff Garrett Wiggins. This charge steams back to 2013. Nothing is currently being released because it's all hush hush as the system attempts to squash her but good.

I've been hearing from the good citizens about concerns regarding the good old boys club. Apparently Bantle didn't fit into this mold. Lets just say Officer Bantle is a speaker of the truth that the players in The System do not appreciate. Let's also say she is one of my hero's and should be a part of the effort to provide better policing in a community that badly needs improvements. Remember this name . . . Officer Bantle and hope to god she runs for Sheriff come the next elections,

The following link is provided for those naysayers who felt JusThis or Brand of Justice were not plausible.

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