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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Amazon Reviews Run Amok!

As Austin Powers said . . . Oh Behave. My story regards the System 
and not Kaelyn per say. I did attend the trial and sat with the 'wear pink' 
supporters (who were acting against the wishes of the Judge). 
Perhaps one must be open to new ideas so it is unfortunate you fear my story.
 Remember what once was said by a wise man sometime ago . . . 
Judge not Least be Judged. Agreed . . . Kaelyn is a victim to be sure.

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By Shannon on September 7, 2015
Format: Paperback
I did not, nor will I, read this book. This man says he attended
 the trial of Jerimie Hicks? Who he quotes on the back of the book?
If he did then he saw video testimony of Jerimie admitting he bashed
in a little girls head, and then put her in pajamas and left her upstairs
 in her bed to die while he tried to clean the evidence.
 To quote him and portray him as a victim completely sickens me...
Mr. Rude the real victim was Kaelyn Serene Bray... She was three...
And Jerimie showed his character when he hurt her, and left her
injured for hours. How dare you profit from my sisters heartbreak.

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