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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gone but Not Forgotten

Been instructing at the Collegiate level. Many thanks for all the inquiring minds encountered. I will in fact commence with answers to all who have asked questions in my absence. Lets dig in.

This from Shannon . . . This wasn't a "Gordian Knot" - you could have prevented this with a minimal amount of research. Yes, at this point the book is out there and we are outraged, but I do applaud you for not deleting our reviews. What part of the trial you claim to have attended made you think Jerimie was innocent? I would actually love to hear that... 

It was a "Gordian Knot" as it were. It was an extremely difficult problem for all involved. Everyone . . . yes even Jerimie, his friends and his family I am sure you'd agree. Your pain, the pain felt for the loss of a child was expected and comes out loud and clear. So the "Gordian Knot" has been expressed from all view points. Nazi Germany was outraged with books determined to be outside their realm of comfort and they had a book burning. I applaud you for not forgetting Kaelyn and I respect your view point though it seems . . . with no disrespect . . . to miss the thrust of Brand of Justice. I thought it apparent that Dub was innocent. Have you not heard of the Innocence Project? We have to strive for improvements to the system.

Jerimie had this to say . . ."I miss her, and I'm sorry to the Bray family and friends," he said, turning around to address them. "My apologies will not change anything. It will not bring her back, but I am truly, deeply sorry."


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