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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thoughts Regarding Jerimie

The family was ASKED to alter the crime scene, by Jerimie. Remember when you "attended the trial" and they played the tape of him doing so? The transcripts are available if not, we can gladly post them. His mother wasn't able to because Great Falls Law Enforcement had already removed the bloody boots and uniform- they suspected Jerimie immediately (as he was the only person in the house with Kaelyn). Jerimie was convicted on charges of evidence tampering, you might remember that from "attending the trial" too? 

There seems to be a concern that I never attended this trial. I did. My Editor and I were approached by a young lady during a recess. She stated the Prosecutor wanted to know who we were. We told her. Was that you Shannon? Anyways, this heart breaking event was important enough to step away from the daily grind to attempt to understand some of the 'whys'.

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