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Monday, November 9, 2015

At Least I Tried

Thanks goes out to none other than Mike for getting it. This is the reason I wrote JusThis. Thanks again Mike for the info.

In 2010, a woman sued the Grand Junction Police Department in Colorado, insisting the department erred in hiring officer Glenn Coyne and then failed to supervise him. Coyne was fired, and killed himself days after he was arrested on suspicion of raping the woman in September 2009.
That was sexual assault accusation No. 3, court records show.
While Coyne was still with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, another woman accused him of subjecting her to a strip search and groping her. The complaint came after Grand Junction had completed its background check, and Mesa County officials - who declined comment - did not investigate or inform Coyne's new employer, according to court records.

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